The HABEL at the Reichs­tag has stood for one timeless idea sin­ce 1779: a beau­ti­ful fusi­on of fine wines and good home coo­king in a simp­le, guest-fri­end­ly atmo­s­phe­re. In the new heart of the city and the old one, it’s a place whe­re Ber­lin resi­dents, visi­tors, artists, ath­le­tes, entre­pre­neurs and minis­ters meet. They help to keep a real Ber­lin tra­di­ti­on ali­ve: for HABEL and the capi­tal city play their part in an event­ful histo­ry hund­reds of years long. We will also warm­ly greet you when you come to see us – may­be you alrea­dy feel like hea­ding to HABEL at the Reichs­tag soon? In order that you may be able to enjoy a care­free visit with us, we recom­mend that you make a reser­va­ti­on. HABEL at the Reichs­tag – a real Ber­lin insti­tu­ti­on.